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Welcome to the Social Media Strategist Certification Program.

We built our Social Media Certification curriculum that will help you or your business, brand, and organization  understand  the benefit of digital marketing through social media.


The course layout is:

12 Lessons - 10 Quizzes - 9 Assignments - 1 Final Exam

12 Live Q&A sessions

Once completed, you will have earned your Social Media Strategist Certification. This certification can help you move up in your company, help land you a new job, build your company brand, drive traffic and more. With a rock solid understanding of digital marketing specifically aimed at social media you will be on the fast track to driving traffic to your front door.


Quote from Skilledup for Business

"In the coming years, social media marketing is only going to get bigger. But knowing how to tweet and update your status is not the same as using social media to influence and analyze trends, engage customers, and grow businesses. It takes the right set of knowledge, experience, and skills to become a real social media expert. Quality courses can help you get ahead by improving your skills and making sure your resume can compete with a host of others competing for the same positions you seek. With numerous social media certificate programs online and off, finding one that can accommodate your budget, schedule, and specific needs is as easy as a Google search. Become genuinely social media savvy and invest in a quality certificate program now!"

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