Our Curriculum is developed from real world use. Our agency has been working with clients over the last 4 years building brands and driving traffic. We live by the "Rule of Content". Each rule lets you define your voice, connect with your audience and engage your users.


Rules of Content:

  • Know your audience
    • Build your buyers persona
    • Understanding your buyer
  • Funny
    • Understanding the differences in tone
    • Appropriateness of humor
  • Engaging
    • Use of Social Tool Monitoring
    • Engaging content
  • Controversial
    • How to best leverage this content
    • How to manage negative feedback
  • Vital
    • Timely info that is vital to your company
    • When and where vital info needs to be shared
  • Authoritative
    • Creating your voice
    • Becoming a thought leader
    • Developing your story
  • Consistency
    • Learn how to surpass your competition with this easy consistency strategy
    • Forms and planners to help build consistency

When following our curriculum you will be empowered by best practices in the industry. It will allow you to take the lead in the next campaign with industry leading ideas and systems. Our systems allow you to function no matter what management platform you are using or what social platform you are on. Our exclusive social media marketing method is center to each of our courses with specific lessons, test and homework assignments that cover how the Rules of Content applies to course topics, and then how to apply each step of the Rules of Content within the platforms covered.