YAY! 100 Likes on Facebook

I passed 100 likes on my FB page!!! YAY!! we did it!! :) [I] was so excited just had to share

thanks for the help!

Great Website Services

I have utilized MadCityMedia's expertise in website building for my homemade soap and glass art business and am very pleased with the results. After trying unsuccessfully on my own to get my Bella Sensations website functional I was quite discouraged when I had a chance meeting with MadCityMedia at a Grow Washington vendor meeting. I later contacted them for the website services they offer and was most impressed with the manner in which they listened to how I saw the site functioning and how efficiently the technical issues I was experiencing were resolved. It was a pleasure working with Scot and am so confident in his abilities, I have recommended him to do the website for the organization DREAM Monroe for whom I am employed as well as several of my friends.


You [MadCityMedia] have done more for me and my salon in the first 90 days then SuperMedia had done in 9 months.

Marketing with confidence

Dear MadCityMedia,
I have had no experience in social medial and this is my
first attempt at dealing with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Foursquare.
With MadCityMedia's assistance, patience, and training, I am able to market our
company through MadCityMedia with confidence.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help with everything, I do not know what I would have done if you were not available to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Innovative Social Media Marketing Training...

MadCityMedia has taken Spectrum Center School of Massage to whole new levels, with increases in our business model across the board.
What a ROCK STAR team to work with!!! From the initial evaluation through the technical set up the process has been seamless and productive. MadCityMedia's team is always available and quick to problem solve. As a school we appreciate instructors who are patient and kind when introducing new concepts The MadCity team exemplifies this to perfection. We Highly recommend these social media experts for any businesses interested in SUCCESS. We at Spectrum are looking forward to our continued relationship with MadCityMedia and we are excited to see the new opportunities that are generated from this valued relationship.

MadCityMedia is highly recommended...

I started my small business 7 months ago, and have seen a financial increase every month. I met them and decided to try their program. They have been very directly connected to us and extremely helpful and we have watched our business grow. Their program just simplifies social media and has saved so much time, energy & cost into payroll that would have been spent doing it ourselves! Thanks! K~Home Decor

Great to work with, great job!

I really enjoyed working with Kat on the website. She is very creative and responds really quickly to concerns and requests, she did a wonderful job incorporating our ideas into the website and making them a reality.

And as a non profit, we really appreciate the more than reasonable cost, which was combined with an amount of work above and beyond what we could have expected.

Thanks Kat & MadCity, you guys are the best!

Never thought this would work!

I am impressed with how well the MadCityMedia system works and how affordable it is for a growing company like ours. I recommend them to all the people I meet. We had been putting money into advertising to no avail, but once we started using social media to showcase our remodels we had new clients within just a few weeks of posting.